Real life hero

So this is my first real post.

It’s extremely nerve-wracking, to be quite honest with you. It’s like going into a new grade at a new school at the beginning of September, and you’re 6 years old again, except the only pressure is a blank white screen staring back at you.

Tonight I am going to do something even MORE nerve wracking than writing a published blog post. I am attending my best friend’s dialysis appointment for the first time. Earlier this week I had asked her permission to do my photo essay assignment for my Online Web Writing & Design class. I believed her story is extremely powerful, and she is one of my heroes.

A lot of girls my age look up to a lot of entertainment pop-culture figures. I believe that you should be able to relate to your role models. Your role models should be people you know, people you love and people who inspire you to be and do better.

My friend got really sick at the end of my first semester last year. She had went on a vacation just before New Year’s and came back around my birthday in March, and one day everything changed. As long as I’ve known her, she has had lupus.

  1. any of various diseases or conditions marked by inflammation of the skin, especially lupus vulgaris or lupus erythematosus.

But recently was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to immediately be put on dialysis to save her life, so to speak. She is currently undergoing dialysis three times a week to filter toxins out of her blood.
Now, I am no stranger to the complicated kidney world. A few years ago, my own sister underwent the same health issues my best friend is facing. My sister’s situation was a bit more complicated, as she had a child prior to her kidneys failing almost completely. She underwent a kidney transplant surgery, with the kidney being given to her by my mother and is now in her final year of school working towards her Masters Degree as a single mom at 24. So, long story short, I wanted to understand more the process people go through, especially at such a young age. I also wanted to document this for my best friend, Stephanie who is unable to get an outsiders perspective of her own sickness.

This assignment will be dedicated to my best friend, my sister, and also, youth everywhere suffering from kidney failure everywhere. These are just a few stories, and the reason I felt this was so important, is because I read an article about Aboriginal Australian youth, around the same age as my sister and best friend. Kidney disease is one of the leading chronic killers among Indigenous youth.

for more info click link above.

Just something I found interesting. Have a great day.

Stay tuned for the photo essay on my bff Steph.


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