Reasons Why I Deleted Facebook

It takes a lot of strength to finally delete your Facebook.

Admit it. How many hours have you spent aimlessly scrolling through profiles of people you barely know or used to know? How many times you’ve slightly envied another, or spent a little too much time on their profile. We’re all guilty.

I felt as though I was living a lie through Facebook, for people  I barely even knew. I was a phony. I was lying to myself ultimately which lead me to finally cut the cord on my make-believe life. The content of other peoples posts that gain them popularity ultimately causes you to filter what you truly love believe it or not. The content you begin to post is a replica of the posts that others around you approve of or like.
I also have to admit my online persona was a little bit of an out of control 16 year old I couldn’t let go of. Waaaay too many drunk pics.
As a second year student of a Print and Broadcast Journalism program, I should have been scared months ago, especially since I have to start thinking about what the heck I want to make myself into after I get the paper that makes me official to get a job with the big dogs. I have deleted myself online, and it is not only a HUGE weight off of my shoulders, to post things worthy of likes. Like what is that?

People either choose to LIKE or NOT LIKE things you say. And there is TONS of websites built around this concept.
I totally understand that ONLINE is the future of journalism, but apps like Instagram and Facebook is really just belittling people and I refuse to be apart of that brainwash anymore. It creates mental health issues. Earlier this year I remember reading an article about a person who developed suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety over not being able to take the perfect selfie, and I was like oh my god…how many times have I been there taking like 40 selfies only to edit 4 and post 1.

I am guilty too…obviously not to the same extent as Danny Bowman but the same negative behavior in myself occurred, without a way to stop myself from achieving what had probably been captured 20..or 30 photos before. When did we start to hate ourselves so much? I don’t know.

I’ve since then deleted all of those types of social media outlets. A year without Instagram. A month without Facebook (RIP). What seems like an eternity without Twitter (well, a personal and vulgar twitter like the one I used to stupidly have.) I am tired of feeding into the idea that I need people to approve of who I am or what I do as a means of the type of attention I am going to get online….so what if people don’t like you? I don’t like you either. Unless you like me, in which case, hey.

The plus about not having Instagram, is that you begin to do things you used to find fun before you decided staring at a tiny bright rectangle was more important than real life and conversations! Crazy right?!

(this is a few of the articles I liked a lot around this topic)


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