Google Map : Construction In Etobicoke 2014

I chose to do a map of the construction in Etobicoke for the year of 2014 because it affects many people around me in my program and in my community. The back-up of traffic is always an issue in the area, not only including potholes that have long gone un-kept, intersections shut down for extended periods of time, usually longer than they are supposed to be.

This map is just a tip of the iceberg. The list I found basically shows all the construction and road rejuvenation projects all over the city, but the one I chose hits closest to home and also makes it way easier to commute if you know what’s going on in the city.

Most Torontonians have no idea when it comes to when the roads they take every day are going to be shut down but this map can help a slight few maneuver their way around the local congestion and find alternative routes around the city that makes the long commute (especially in the dead cold of our unholy winter) a little bit easier.

Attached in this link is a list of all of the construction around the city. As I only chose to map my neighborhood, this list still gives detail of what is going to be happening, how long it’s going to be happening and when it will be over.


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