all walk no talk

Who are we now anyway? We live behind masks.

Fighting to defend a image we have no idea that is being pushed upon us. I remember once when I was young, and I was told that i was ugly and I had never heard such words before. How could I be ugly and another not be? How could i be less than another? Better yet, how could somebody tell another that they are or they are not?

This is for women, my age, older, younger…aren’t you tired of sleeping with your own demons, in masks? masks of make believe, masks of unlove, masks of unattainable beauty that cannot exist externally without dedication internally. we are constantly in a fight with ourselves, whoever ‘ourselves’ is anyway now. These men, we let walk all over us, let into our hearts and souls and between our bed sheets with only the  trust and love you were taught to give the men of your dreams. Painting on our war paint aka makeup to fight another day.

Wake up. Were not dreaming or damsels in distress anymore. Look at the increase in makeup sales and the hike in clothing prices. Do you not realize we are PUPPETS. We have become so sad, I too, am guilty. but I am more tired than guilty. I am tired of having to be something, I am tired of having a conscious the size of Russia that never gets cleared. where are we supposed to go? Who do we look up to anymore? We have no one! even the Spice Girls were a sham. Screaming girl power and doing nothing about it did nothing for women, but solidify the fact that we are all walk and no talk.


Now to the point I really wanted to make…

It is hard to make a list of female influences in an age of the Kardashian sisters telling us how to live. I wanted to make a list of writers and women who have made it easier for me to be who I am, and always found a way to reassure me that I am worthy…even on the hardest of days. Maybe this will help spark something in you. We need to find our own role models and stop letting media tell us who we idolize. These are mine.


1. Lora Mathis.

She is a blogger I discovered one day stumbling through the internet at the late hours of the night. An inspiring poet. A young heart broken girl who seamlessly wrote the story of my life without ever meeting me, knowing me, acknowledging me. She is 21 and writes with the talent of a person who’s been at it for a lifetime. She is definitely someone that everyone should look out for, Self published and self motivated, she is someone we should all know and learn about.


This is a photo of 21 year old Lora Mathis is where you can find her work.

2.  Malala Yousafzai

Malala is a blogger, female education activist and a human rights advocate. This is just a few words to describe the powerhouse that she is, and all before she is 20 years old. Malala is 17 and at the ripe age of 11, started a blog under an alias about living under Taliban law, and talked openly about things that she believed needed to be heard by outside audiences. After being heard, and interviewed she was nominated for a International Children’s Peace Prize. Unfortunately one day she was riding a bus and was shot at 3 times, and was hit once. She survived but was in critical condition and immediately taken care of.

Since that incident, it sparked a national uproar. People protested for this little girl on the other side of the world, which I think is just incredibly powerful. She has received many reputable prizes and awards for the work this young woman has done for women, girls and people everywhere. She proves that overcoming impossible obstacles is not impossible and at such a young age kinda made me want to kick my butt into gear because I’m 22 and nobody knows me yet!  She has also been on Time magazine on a list of the worlds most 100 most influential people also.


Interesting photo I found of Malala. This was one of my favorites of her.

3.  Friends:

I’m a fond believer in the people around you being your role models and daily inspiration. Simple. I’m trying this thing where I don’t envy or encourage celebrity attention antics. Quality time with good friends helps the spirit grow fonder, so to speak. You are your truest self around them and let the real you shin through.


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