Feel Myself

I’m gonna sleep naked tonight just to
feel myself again
I don’t know how or remember the last time my body completely belonged solely to myself.
My inner thighs have had unwanted ownership attached to them since before I knew the power of my own aura.
The power of a quick smile, a nod,
a whisper too close,
a glance from too far, too desirable?
I have been a sinner before…allowed others to cross my garden of eden and eat my forbidden fruit.
Only I am to blame. The only one to blame.
These parasites only want a taste of you baby,
the whole thing is too much, too sweet, too unfamilliar.

Don’t you realize your love is too messy and too pungent and too much like the sea sometimes?  For so long I have belonged solely to myself. I can’t help it.
Sometimes I think I drowned myself so long and so deeply in my own sorrows that it is finally time to come up
for air
and breathe without you.


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