, you let me down.

Earlier this week I read an article on about a generation of kids who just can’t get a grip on reality because of our nasty habits and addiction to the fast life.

We are the selfie generation. The selfish, work for the weekend and never let go of your dreams even though they are totally unrealistic and probably won’t be an astronaut generation. The spoiled and live at home eating moms spaghetti til 26 generation because you just can’t let your party days go generation.

This was the article incase you wanted to know what made me mad about it:


I admit, I’ve had a drunken night or two ending in a toilet or three permanently stained with the forgotten lunches of my underaged drinking phase. We all eventually grow out of it, if you allow yourself to.

There is a journey all of us must take at some point into ourselves where we look so far into ourselves, we see the perfect shining image of what we strive to be. It’s different for everyone. Most of us are too distracted by instagram this and facebook that and taking a selfie before during and after everything we do.

The article was generalizing a large population of people in a few vague paragraphs. That’s against everything I’m learning in j-school right now. It’s not fair to say we all cant get it together because yeah, quite a handful of us are lost in the sauce so to speak, because it’s all we know how to be. We are visual learners, as we learned from all the video games we stared through as young adults.

I’ve been friends with 6 girls for almost a decade and never made it a habit to get that drunk every moment we get a chance. Quite a few people in our generation, the lazy, irresponsible and frighteningly self obsessed generation are not at all like the stereotype this article painted.

Maybe in this persons small bubble of a world, everyone is like that, but many of us are educated and independent even amongst the sea of people who will forever be man-boy or has-been material. I have a friend who has spent so many weekends in that she memorized the Law and Order SVU theme monologue. Many of us work our butts to the bone and our bone to the marrow. This person is writing of a species of people I don’t see much in my city, and it’s because I, and many people alike surround themselves with like-minded individuals with similar life experience.

I don’t know. Maybe we are guilty of never growing up, but just as much as “you are what you eat” also become what you read and what you know. We need to stop posting such downer articles of how shitty life is as a 20-something and embrace the beauty that is the train wreck of what’s left of the days we’re technically supposed to somewhat regret.

Vice, I love you, but bashing us isn’t making us any better. you are just as guilty as we are.


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